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so it's been a long time. most of these icons are old and I don't really like them anymore.
but I think, I still want them posted.

oo1-oo5 alexis bledel
oo6-oo8 blake lively
oo9-o11 clémence poésy
o12-o14 dita von teese
o15-o16 heath ledger
o17-o17 kristen bell
o18-o2o kristen stewart
o21-o22 leighton meester
o23-o32 mischa barton
o33-o33 milo ventimiglia
o34-o35 robert pattinson
o36-o37 zooey deschanel
o38-o4o black rebel motorcycle club
o41-o41 veronica mars
o42-o42 5oo days of summer
o43-o44 harry potter&the halfblood prince
o45-o54 the virgin suicides
o55-o57 twilight


please comment. and join/friend if you like :)
Tags: fanart, icons, icons: 500 days of summer, icons: actors, icons: actresses, icons: alexis bledel, icons: black rebel motorcycle club, icons: blake lively, icons: clémence poésy, icons: dita von teese, icons: harry potter, icons: heath ledger, icons: kirsten dunst, icons: kristen bell, icons: kristen stewart, icons: leighton meester, icons: milo ventimiglia, icons: mischa barton, icons: models, icons: musicians, icons: robert pattinson, icons: the virgin suicides, icons: twilight, icons: veronica mars, icons: zooey deschanel

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