someone you're not (missblackrebel) wrote in 60miles,
someone you're not

The Rules

#1 Comments and Credits:
I really appreciate your comments, because it makes me better and most of all: proud. Well If they're good ones.
But criticism is important as well, in my eyes.
If you find some art you want to use, don't fear to give a little comment and if you credit properly you sure can use them!
Stealing arts is disappointing and unfair towards the art-makers.
So please, just leave a comment!

#2 Hotlinking:
I don't like hotlinking and I'm sure you won't find anyone on this board who likes his art being hotlinked.
Just use your own account.

#3 Editing:
Editing is just as bad as hotlinking. Never do this with my art!

I hope all of you accept my rules, if not, then you'll have to deal with the consequences.
Thank you.

Sincerely V.
Tags: rules
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